Radio Wars-The Historic Battles That Redefined Radio

Radio Wars: Nominated for BEST DOCUMENTARY

by the New York City International Film Festival



For nearly 100 years, America has had a love affair with radio. But, has there been an unseen war going on among its ranks since its inception? Who invented radio? Who controls its content? Therein lies the controversy that has raged in a dozen directions over the past century.

This daring film takes an unconventional look at the evolution of radio and the money and politics that have influenced broadcasting.

RADIO WARS focuses on the controversial history of satellite radio as it exposes the secret story behind the power struggles for radio dominance. Sirius and XM Satellite Radio were engaged in a heated entanglement before they became one company, and their mutual fight for survival against traditional radio, The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and Wallstreet is one of radio’s most epic battles. RADIO WARS delves deep into SiriusXM’s conflict-ridden history, from its earliest days to its darkest hour, and questions the motives of those who seek to control radio’s content in the future.

Howard Stern, Mel Karmazin, Nikola Tesla, David Sarnoff, Martine Rothblatt, and many more radio geniuses are featured in the film.

From controversy to corporate rebirth, RADIO WARS tells a moving and inspiring story about a medium most of us take for granted.



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RADIO WARS is a Fantastic Film…Amazing-Mark Cope, KXWL Newstalk



Shocking and eye-opening!-Jane Velez-Mitchell, Host of “Issues” on CNN Headline News


…Deserves an Academy Award.-Jim Puplava, Financial Sense Newshour


…I will give it 10 stars of 10. It is the best doc of this length I have ever seen. I think this will go into the defining literature of this space. -Bud Burrell, Industry Expert/Shareholder Advocate


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