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RADIO WARS Gets Distribution Deal with Passion River Films

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Radio Wars, nominated in the best documentary category at the New York City Independent Film Festival, is picked up for distribution by Passion River Films.

Hollywood, CA – An ambitious indie documentary about the history of music broadcasting will soon hit the video airwaves. The new film, Radio Wars-The Historic Battles That Redefined Radio, received widespread praise from experienced professionals in the radio industry for its investigative storytelling. “Radio Wars is a fantastic film,” said Newstalk Radio Host Mark Cope. “Amazing.”

Those who wish to get their hands on the DVD before everyone else, can pre-order it from the movie’s distributor Passion River Films on April 8.

Radio Wars explores the origins of radio through historic photos, newspaper headlines and intimate interviews with insiders. Never before has a documentary dared to uncover the history behind the beloved medium of radio in such a critical and controversial manner. Radio Wars breaks the general perception of radio as an innocuous and non confrontational medium. The documentary exposes to power struggles behind the scenes of radio and traces the journey from its humble beginnings to cyber medium that it is today.

After exposing some of the recurring patterns of conflict that arose as the fight for radio dominance evolved over 100 years, Radio Wars settles in on the competition for control that ensued between Sirius and XM Satellite Radio during the 21rst century. The FCC (Federal Communications Commision), NEWS press, NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) and Wall Street all play important parts in the corporate story. The documentary received an admirable rating of 8.2 stars on IMDB and was nominated for the best documentary category at the New York City Independent Film Festival.

The inspiring story also highlights the contributions of radio revolutionists such as shock jock Howard Stern, Sirius XM CEO Mel Karmazin, wireless communications inventor Nikola Tesla, RCA mogul David Sarnoff, satellite radio inventor Martine Rothblatt, and many more.


More about Radio Wars:

Radio Wars was directed and edited by Sandra Mohr. The movie will be distributed by Passion River Films in 2014. Passion River’s award winning and festival favorite features have made their home on shelves of various notable film libraries and institutions. Their deep catalog represents films on nearly every topic including Multicultural Studies, Women’s Studies, Medical Studies and Advances, Religious and Spiritual studies, Environmentalism, Aging, Drug Addiction, Gay/Lesbian/Transgender, etc.


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RADIO WARS…On the Radio

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012


KVAY host Roccio Rivera Interviews Director Sandra Mohr

Click HERE to Listen

RADIO WARS is a Fantastic Film…Amazing-Mark Cope, KXWL Newstalk