Directed By Sandra Mohr

Sandra Mohr is a Film Director and Video Editor.

She recently directed and released a feature documentary about the history of radio called “RADIO WARS” which is currently on a 2012 festival tour.

“The entity that controls broadcasting also controls culture,” says director Sandra Mohr. “It’s time we looked closely at the RADIO WARS throughout history and I believe the film will help viewers to understand how radio’s transformations have had a powerful influence on our personal lives.”


Her company Mohr Productionscreates promotional trailers and commercials for television, film, and the Internet.

Sandra Mohr is the co-author ofAddict Nation-An Intervention for America

by CNN Headline News Host Jane Velez-Mitchell. Addict Nation explores America’s cultural addictions to prescription drugs, food, celebrity, technology and more.

Mohr Directs and Edits the nationally sydicated weekly show “Macabre Theatre.

Sandra Mohr is the founder

which strives to help animals by providing

free High Definition stock footage video to the media and other filmmakers.

Visit Mohr Productions to view more of her work.